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July 19, 2013

We have been toying with the idea of removing seafood from our pescetarian diet, hence making us proper vegetarians.

Now when I say toying, I mean that Stud really wants to do it “as a challenge”, and I keep thinking of how much it will limit our food choices when eating out, not to mention the sashimi/sushi removal 😮

Since day dot of this new lifestyle change, I have thought of myself as somewhat hypocritical about the whole thing. I mean, a life is a life, whether they be land dwellers or sea. Is one more important than another? It’s an internal battle that I have had for a long time.

So on one hand, I completely agree with Stud. We should do it.

Then there’s my other hand, the hand that’s wrapped around some chopsticks, chowing down on some gorgeously fresh sashimi, only pausing to pick up a sushi roll or two. That hand is the hand that’s stopping me. Go on, say it. Hypocrite.

As we stand at the moment, Stud wants to finish all of the seafood we have in the freezer and then, that’s it, we stop. For good! Cue dramatic music (with or sans hamster)

Eating out will be our main problem. A vegetarian menu is lacking at majority of places and, if any, there’s perhaps one veg dish. Usually a pasta or risotto of some sort. With a couple of fish options, it broadens the choice quite substantially.

Well when Stud and I went to Emma’s on Liberty a little while ago, we were pretty pleased to see that they do a vegetarian banquet. Thank the food Gods!

Not only was it a good menu, it was purely veggies! Now this I could get used to!

We started the evening with a Lebanese beer (that Stud has raved about ever since) and a glass of Pinot Noir. It is winter after all 😉

Admiring the space, its a warm and inviting restaurant with a long banquet table down the middle for larger parties. The staff are attentive and suggestive when you’re unsure of what to have (Lebanese beer – case in point!).

IMG_6462 On the vegetarian banquet, there’s a selection of hommous, tabouli, falafel, potato, lentils, oven eggplant and fried cauliflower.

Now when you see this, you think “is it going to be enough?”. So just to be sure, we ordered the special for the night – Pumpkin Hommous. We couldn’t resist 😉

Age old rule “DON’T fill up on bread”. How many times have you muttered these words only to have a sore belly 10 minutes after you have wolfed all of the carbs in sight?

We finished the bread.

Then were brought more.

Yup. Nuff said


Lebanese Bread with Za’tar Olive Oil.


The infamous Lebanese Beer.

We actually went back a couple of weeks later for my birthday dinner with friends (and took up the entire middle table :o) and everyone had this beer and loved it too.


Hommous, Tabouli, Pinot Noir.


The Pumpkin Hommous. SOOO good! The chilli on top added a great kick and I loved the sweetness of the pumpkin. A must order!


Pan fried haloumi.

If my heart were to hold room for just one cheese, it would be haloumi. This was gorgeously cooked with a slight ooze – just the way it should be.


Potatoes! These little golden nuggets were my fave. A punchy garlic coating on that crispy outer tatty shell. These are ridiculously moreish!!


Fried cauliflowers. A beautiful yoghurt dressing on these crispy oily florets made me very happy. I haven’t quite perfected the crispy cuali yet, but I def need to work more at it. In the meantime, I’ll just go to Emmas 😉


Oven eggplant. I got this all to myself because of Stud’s aversion to eggplant. I wasn’t complaining.

I couldn’t quite pick the flavours but its wonderfully roasted and sweet with just a beautiful flavour.

I’m emailing them for the recipe so stay tuned 🙂


Lentils. You either love them or you hate them. These would make even the lentil loather turn back I think. They’re perfectly cooked with a little bite and the fried onions on top add a great sweetness to an otherwise earth dish.


Last up we had the falafel. Great crisp coating and not dry at all in the middle, which you can sometimes get. It was almost moist in the middle which I really loved! Plus a pretty hommous flower on top doesn’t go astray either 😉

If we were eating dishes like this forever, I could definitely give up seafood. It really is nights like this that makes me think “yeah, I can do it, lets DO IT!”.

Emma’s is a great little hidden gem in Enmore thats far enough away from the hecticness (yeah, its a word) of King street, but close enough that you can go partying after dinner 😉

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