Popcorn Macadamia Chunks for The Sweet Swap

July 16, 2013

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen that I recently took part in The Sweet Swap, to raise money for Childfund Australia, and cook/receive some lovely little bundles of sweetness in the meantime 🙂

Around 50 bloggers participated in the very first Sweet Swap, which asked us to raise a little money, cook a little sweetness, and pop them in the mail never to be seen again…until they show up on Instagram!

Everyone was to post out their sweets by a certain date, so one by one, these little bundles of joy were turning up in peoples mailboxes all over Australia. It was like Christmas!!!! And we all know how much I love Christmas 😀

For the Sweet Swap, I wanted to do a combo I have been meaning to do for ages! Chocolate and popcorn. Nuff said.

I thought a rocky road might be the answer, however after a few failed attempts at vegetarian marshmallow, I admitted defeat and decided to call them chunks instead…with the addition of a little crunch in the form of some Australian Macadamias. Ooohh yeah!

Popcorn Macadamia Chunks

My three matches were The Heart of Food, Cats. Love. Cooking. and Orgasmic Chef – all packages arrived safely, I’m happy to report!

The fabulous people that I was matched to were:

Jenius who made Raw Truffles.

Raw Truffles

The Little Cookbook who made Lavender Caramel Twix

Lavender Caramel Twix

The Orgasmic Chef who made Watermelon Ice an Russian Caramels (everyone was very jealous that I received a two in one from Maureen ;))

Watermelon Ice_Fudge


You can head on over to each of their blogs to grab the recipes for these gorgeous treat. I can say that they were all delicious! I wish every day was a Sweet Swap day 🙁

Popcorn Macadamia Chunks


750g milk chocolate (I used 3 x 250g bags Cadbury melts)
1 x 100g bag microwavable popcorn (I used Poppin’)
1 x 350g bag macadamia nuts (use salted if you like it extra salty, I used natural)


Grease a brownie tin and set aside.

Pop popcorn in the microwave as per packet instructions. Once all done, remove from the bag and allow to cool in a large bowl.

Add macadamias to popcorn.

Melt chocolate in short bursts until all melted (I used the microwave as it easier, but I know some people get antsy about this, so do whatever feel comfortable), then poor over the popcorn and macadamia mixture. Stir through until chocolate coats all the bits, then spoon in to brownie tin.

Allow to set in the fridge.

Once hard, flip mix out on to a chopping board and just cut off chunks with a sharp knife. The bigger, the better 😉

Oh, and just TRY stopping at one!!

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