Noodle Inn – Randwick

July 2, 2013

So Stud and I are coming up to the year mark on our vegetarian (pescatarian really) adventure and I have to say, it’s gone pretty smoothly.

Sure there’s been backlash from friends and family, sure it’s a little more challenging when you go out to eat, but all in all its been pretty easy.

But now we’re in Winter.

Normally in Winter we would head down to Marrickville and grab some ramen. Which literally translates (in my mind) to “hug in a very large bowl”.

That thick rich porky stock is pretty tough to beat in winter. Or so I thought!

We were invited to check out Noodle Inn over at Randwick (which by the way, has an AMF right down the street) so on a cold and damp evening, we dragged our sorry butts off the couch and in to the East.

Noodle Inn is a reasonably new venue, brought to you by the awesome peeps at Niji Sushi. Located in the heart of Randwick, they specialise in Asian fusion dishes, made with fresh and quality produce, are prepared on the spot, while you wait.

The space at Noodle Inn is pretty casual. Much like a normal take-away joint, it also has a couple of booths and also some outdoor seating for a no fuss evening. The staff are very welcoming and super friendly, and they also do home delivery. Noted!

Their popular dishes range from wok-fried hokkien noodles, spicy pad Thai or Singapore noodles, as well as a variety of soup based dishes. You can order from the regular menu, or you can create your own dish. Who doesn’t love a bit of variety?

Stud and I ordered a couple of entrees to try out while we pondered our mains.

The Vegetable Spring Roll was nice with a beautifully crisp shell, but needed the dipping sauce to give it a bit of punch.


The Prawn Parcels were wonderfully crisp and then had a juicy prawn innards. They really were packed with prawny flavour and I’d recommend these to anyone who stops by.


Eventually decided on our mains, and I couldn’t really go past the Vegetarian Ramen. It’s what I had been missing in my vego winter diet, and really didn’t disappoint. So much so though that I thought perhaps it was meat. But no! A beautiful miso base with those unmistakable noodles. I was in winter soup heaven! I mean, just look at it!


Stud ordered the Pad Kee Mao Noodles (Hot) and really liked it. I only had a really little bite because I had found my ramen happy place and didn’t want to leave. But from what I had, it definitely was spicy and full of flavour.


Standard noodle munching shot ;)



Right after dinner we continued our date night at the AMF. I lost :( but we had a lot of fun anyway!

Thanks to the peeps at Noodle Inn for having DWAS as guests.

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