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June 15, 2013

When people find out I’m a food blogger, usually the first question they ask is “What’s your favourite restaurant”. But I think that its because I’m a food blogger, that its probably the hardest question for me to answer.

We are constantly trying out new places, not just so I can get a new post up, but also because we want to get a good variety, try out other peoples recommendations, or have just driven past so may times that it’s a must to go in.

I can say however – without a shadow of a doubt – that my favourite cuisine is Japanese. Stud and I definitely have this in common, so most of the places we do tend to frequent, are Japanese restaurants ranging from little hole in the wall locals, to your more upmarket places.

I think Niji Sushi in Kingsford fits nicely in the upper end of that market.

To some it seems a local restaurant and from the outside, definitely looks popular. Upon entering, it’s a gorgeously decked out restaurant that although is very busy, still has a very romantic and classy vibe about it.

We’re here to try out their menu, and what better way to do that, than with their degustation menu. With a couple of delicious little beverages thrown in for good measure ;)

While we ponder the drinks menu, we’re asked if we want traditional Edamame of spicy. Now having tried spicy in LA and not being massive fans, we were about to pick traditional, when we go out on a whim and end on spicy. I’m pretty glad we did! This was no sweet chilli spicy, but a lingering warmth that gave the edamame a great kick.


Next up was the Misoshiru miso soup. Pretty standard and deliciously warming for a cold night.

The Sushi and Sashimi combo was a fresh selection of sushi and nigiri sushi, and melt in the mouth sashimi. Really great quality seafood and perfectly well balanced.


The Maguro Taru Taru (diced sashimi tuna with chilli paste, avocado salsa, onion tate, tobiko, garnished with barley-miso dressing and lotus root chips) was one that although pretty westernised, I was really quite looking forward to. In a way, it reminded me of the ahi poke that we had experience (daily) in Hawaii. It definitely didn’t disappoint.


We were given the Marinated kingfish as a substitute as there’s a few meat dishes in the dego menu. Kingfish is up there with our favourite fishes and the light soy and yuzu dressing really was a refreshing course and I could have eaten platefuls of it!


When we saw the Mushroom pocket on the menu, I definitely wasn’t expecting this. But don’t judge a book by its cover – this was one of our favourite dishes of the night! These tempura stuffed mushrooms with kingfish, shisho and plum, were an explosion of flavour. The strongest being the fish and fresh shisho, and then you get an after of earthy mushroom goodness. Dipped in the sweet plum sauce, it was so good! These would be the ultimate fancy bar snack. I really recommend you try these little babies if you head to Niji. You’ll thank me.


Advertised as the Birds nest, these deep fried savoury sliced squid with spicy-sour dipping sauce were a little too much for Stud. He thought they were a little too oily and heavy after a lot of fresh dishes. I could see how he would think that, but I finished them none-the-less ;)


Stud was reeeeeally looking forward to the Jalapeño Scallops. They were nice and the scallops were perfectly cooked, however they didn’t give the heat we were expecting which was a little bit of a shame.


Another sub for the pescetarians, was the Teriyaki salmon. By looking at the salmon I was a little worried it might be dry as it had a stunning char on the outside. Boy was I delightfully wrong! Beautifully sticky char o the outside, flaky pink flesh on the inside. To top it off, on a bed of al dente veg. I could eat this nightly!


Our first dessert for the night was a Red bean creme brûlée served with sponge finger biscuits. The overall dish was quite nice although the red bean was cold while the rest of the custard was warm. It was an interesting contrast, but not my cup of tea.


The Chocolate fondant with vanilla ice-cream however, was ah-maze-zing! Runny runny chocolate goodness ooooozing out of the molten cake! Ughhhhh I’m drooling as I think of it. Stud and I barely had enough room left but both fought over each mouthful!


Aaaaaaand the money shot


I loved our experience at Niji and will definitely be back with friends. Its great for a quick night out, romantic evening, and also a group dinner.

You can sit at the sushi train (next on our list), tables or booths and everywhere has a pretty good view of the rest of the restaurant.

Dining with a Stud dined on behalf of Niji Sushi and Angela Yalda PR.

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