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March 31, 2013

When I mention to people the name of my blog, they immediately look at Stud and then kind of put two and two together. Sometimes they get four, sometimes they get eight.

Stud actually used to (well still does really) call me Studd as its part of my surname. So when creating Dining with a Stud, it really had a double meaning. However the other night, I realised that it also had a third!

When I gave my card to Sarah – our waitress at Yume Sushi – she immediately gestured to her lip, and to the silver stud piercing I have in my lip. It had never even occurred to me! I kind of forget they’re there until someone stares at them while talking to me lol. They’re just part of my face now really.

Stud and I were invited to try out Yume Sushi’s new Gladesville restaurant, and you know how we feel about Japanese food. NOM! So needless to say we were pretty excited.

Right on Victoria Road, Yume is amongst a busy little strip of other restaurants and even though it only opened a few months ago, was packed out on the Saturday night that we went.

The space is reasonably small, but the decor is almost warehouse like. With mismatched wood on the walls and tables, and random chairs or benches for seating. I immediately fell in love with it and if I could have a kitchen/dining room just like it I would!

We left the order taking up to our waitress, and she brought out a selection of their finest.

Starting with a miso soup – I had a bit of a cold so this was a perfect way to start the night. I can never go past a miso for the perfect hug in a bowl.

Miso - Yume sushi

I also wanted to grab a juice and Sarah recommended we try their fuji apple juice. Delish!

Fuji juice  - Yume sushi

We’re brought some edamame and the one thing that Stud wanted to make sure you ordered, the Spider Roll (Soft shell crab, crab stick, avocado and cucumber sushi roll).

Edamame  - Yume sushi

The Spider Roll is different to any other we have tried as it has the crab stick in it which gives it a much crabbier taste than normal. Sometimes I find that when you have soft shell crab it isn’t very crabby because of the batter. This was a great flavour.

Spider Roll  - Yume sushi

Up next was the Tuna Tataki and the Assorted Sashimi. Since going vego, beef tataki is something that we miss so having the tuna version was great. The salad in the middle added a wonderful freshness to the dish. The sashimi was also really great – all very fresh fish, and I loved the scampi in there too! Great selection.

Tataki  - Yume sushi


Sashimi  - Yume sushi

For the “warm” part of the ┬ámeal we had flame grilled sushi which just melted in the mouth. I had the scallop and Stud had the eel and then we each had a salmon and every bit was delicious. Soft melty flesh with the hint of the grill. SO good!!

Flame nigiri  - Yume sushi

Flame nigiri 2  - Yume sushi

This was followed by the teriyaki salmon. Beautifully crisp veg with the sweet teriyaki sauce and that melt in the mouth salmon. After trying this dish I actually want to make a teriyaki broccolini dish. Its such a great match!

Teriyaki salmon  - Yume sushi

We’re tempted with dessert and are pondering our stomach capacity when Sarah mentions black sesame ice-cream. SOLD!

Black sesame ice cream  - Yume sushi

The ice-cream was creamy and nutty, everything a good black sesame ice-cream should be!

We’ll be heading back to Yume to try out the rest of the menu and for those sushi dishes! Soooo good :)

Green tea  - Yume sushi

DWAS dined as guests of Yume Sushi and Angela Yalda PR.

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