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February 26, 2013

Around this time last year (pre vego/pesco change), I headed down to Melbourne for a girly weekend and caught up with a gorgeous little food blogger I had met at Eat Drink Blog. Her mission: show us her Town!

The original plan was to head to Chin Chin however due to the first available table being at 11pm, it wasn’t to be. We were hungry, and we weren’t waiting! So we headed to Coda.

I don’t want that at all to sound like it was a bad thing. Yes, it was our second choice, but upon entering, we were welcomed in and accommodated immediately, menus at the ready, and the last table in the joint.

We ordered a glass of Prosecco while we pondered the menu, and decided on a bunch of dishes to share:

Coda Melbourne menu

That’s Amore Buffalo mozzarella, zucchini fritters, mint and pea salad

That's amore - Coda Melbourne

Definitely the stand out dish of the night for me. I would have this as an entrée, main, skip dessert and have another entrée sized dish for dessert. The fritters were moist and salty sweet with a crispy coating. Definitely a must order!

Hervey Bay scallop, pearl tapioca and Yarra Valley salmon caviar.

Scallop - Coda Melbourne

I was surprised at the tapioca on this one as for some reason I pictured individual pearls (not unlike the caviar) but what was presented was a beautifully savoury custard like tapioca, kind of like sago but thicker. Such a small little mouthful but packed with flavor too.

Eggplant and tofu lettuce delight, enoki mushroom, crispy garlic and black vinegar.

Eggplant delight - Coda Melbourne

Mostly order because you can’t really pass up something called a “delight” on the menu. Delicious nonetheless – but definitely not a date night food. It ended up everywhere lol. Could be user error ;)

Sugar cane prawn with sweet chilli sauce.

Sugarcane prawn - Coda Melbourne

Looooved the look of this! A moist prawn impaled by the sweet sugar cane and then wrapped in noodles and deep-fried. It’s really what bite size dreams are made of.

Roasted yellow duck curry was the shared main, which we got with some steamed rice.

Yellow duck curry - Coda Melbourne

The duck was cooked well with a little crispy skin on top, and the sauce definitely packed a punch. Nothing some more Prosecco wouldn’t fix though ;)

I’d be keen to go back to Coda since turning vego to try a little more of the menu. It’s a great little spot and the staff are super friendly!

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