Chocolate peanut butter “ice-cream”

February 24, 2013

Remember a little while ago I made that Angelic Hot Fudge Sauce? Simple, warming, delicious – and funnily enough, for a SABH!

Well using similar ingredients, I’m flipping the temperature dial to cold – and I mean fuh-reez-ing – because this months Sweet Adventures Blog Hop is……Licence to Chill!


I don’t know about you guys, but every time I say it (even in my head), I kind of do a “cool dude” voice. Its hard to explain, but it happens. I’m not proud of it.

Anyway, the Feb hop is hosted by the lovely Heather over at The Capers of the Kitchen Crusader, so you can head over to her blog to find out all the deets on entering. But in the mean time, let me tell you a little about this dessert.

So I’m kind of still on that health thing (a little more so now as the lead up to our US trip is looming) and am cautious of my sugar intake at the moment. I’m actually really enjoying finding out about all these natural ways to sweeten things without the sugar. I’ve even been looking in to a few raw recipes (don’t freak out…..I’m not going all “raw hippy” on you guys, I’m just experimenting!) and with no eggs, dairy, sugar or fat in this recipe, its pretty much a recipe that any health freak could be proud of!

Chocolate peanut butter ice-cream

I was really surprised at how creamy the ice-cream turned out! I mean its really (no, really!) just banana, natural peanut butter, cacao powder and some agave to taste. But it ended up light as air mousse texture. In fact, I made it when it was frozen, ate half of it, then put it in the fridge and returned to it later as a mousse. Its like the dessert that keep on giving!

Chocolate peanut butter ice cream

Chocolate peanut butter “ice-cream”
Serves 2


3 x bananas
175g natural peanut butter
3 tsp cacao powder
Agave nectar to taste


Chop bananas and freeze overnight in a zip lock bag.

Add bananas to food processor along with the cacao powder and peanut butter. Blend on high until smooth.

Add agave nectar to taste.


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