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February 23, 2013

So I’m not a massive coffee connoisseur. I don’t claim to be. At all. I know what I like, and that usually involves at least two sugars (or equals… know, if they have them).

You see I never really drank coffee at all, until Stud bought an at home pro coffee machine thingy and made me try every coffee until he’d perfected it. Seven coffees later and I had the worst coffee anxiety ever! But you know, at least he got the balance right.

So now I’ll have the occasional coffee when we’re out, like the amazeballs latte I had at Cumulus Inc, but mostly just the coffees Stud makes at home.

We have our little routine on weekends – we get up, I make brekkie and he makes the coffee, then we sit down and watch IQ until about midday when it’s time to face the day. I like those days. Although for those days when Stud isn’t around and I want to make a coffee myself, I can’t. I’m pretty useless with stuff like that and although if I was taught, I would probably work it out (disclaimer: I may or may not have been taught, and may or may not have been listening), I’d rather have someone else make it for me ;) love you Stud!!!

Anyway, the lovely peeps at Impact contacted me before Christmas (I know, I’m late, but it’s been way too busy for words around these parts) and asked if I would like a little Nescafe Dolce Gusto as an early Chrissie pressie. Yes. Yes I would!


Once Stud got wind of this it’s all I heard about! Each day I would go to work and get an email or phone call from him “Has the coffee machine come yet?” It felt like the longest week of my his life.

So needless to say we were both pretty excited to try the little guy out. I nicknamed him Mumble (after the penguin in Happy Feet – you were thinking it too!) and immediately set out all of the pods – Americano, Hot Chocolate, Cappuccino and Café au Lait – deciding which to use first.

Nescafe Dolce Gusto

I decided to film each one to show you guys how it all works. It really couldn’t be any simpler. No really! I can do it!!!!

First up was the hot chocolate…..

I really cant stress how easy this was. I mean, you can see for yourself!

For me, the hot chocolate could have been a little creamier, but that’s what I like about this is that it gives you a guide on what to do, but I wanted more milk, so next time I just upped the milk dial.

I will note that Stud wasn’t a fan of the hot chocolate. Too chocolatey and artificial for him I think.

Up next was the Cappuccino…….

I quite liked this. I found that the guide was pretty spot on, and although it will never be the same as a coffee from a good barista, its so easy to use at home and perfect if you want a quick cuppa. My dad is also a big fan :)

Stud wasn’t too fond of this either – I think he thought I was trying to replace his and his coffee making skills. He definitely prefers the “real thing”.

I don’t drink black coffee, but here’s the Americano……

I have to be honest – I didn’t drink this. Black coffee just isn’t for me, and no one else was home to be my guinea pig.

I also made a Café au Lait, but it looked exactly the same as the Cappuccino – you get the point.

So here’s how they all looked post trial… (excuse the hot chocolate, it sat there for about 5 minutes)

As far as “pod” machines go, I have used a couple at work and they all seem pretty big and annoying. Mumble The Dolce Gusto is the cute little penguin that sits on your bench top and delivers you a piping hot coffee each day. You can also buy iced latte pods and a few others in the range that seem pretty tempting. I love that it does both hot and cold! Perfect seeing as Sydney doesn’t know whats going on weather-wise these days ;)

Thanks to the lovely peeps at Impact!

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