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January 3, 2013

Most people have what they fondly remember as their “stomping ground”. A place where they frequented in their youth and have some fond (and not so fond) memories of their time there, parting the night away with old friends, and normally meeting a few along the way.

For me, said stomping ground was Kings Cross.

It’s had many names over the years, and now goes by “The Club”…original, I know ;) and is actually surrounded by a number of funky little food joints. The most popular, and longest standing being Hugo’s.

A reasonably new kid on the block is Concrete Blonde – up a level from The Club, on the other side of Hugo’s. A great place to listen to a little jazz on a Sunday, or on the other days, you can sip them away with $7 cocktails before 7pm. Now I know I’m trying to drink less this year, but $7?!?!?!? For a cocktail?!??!! It’s a bargain!


I was lucky enough to be invited by Wasamedia to check out the menu that Blonde’s Executive Chef, Ian Oakes had on offer, and of course, to try some of those infamous cocktails ;)


As there was a group of us, there was a set menu on offer with a pretty wide variety of dishes. Of course with my new way of living, the meat wasn’t an option for this little poppet, but the fish and veg options were hard to choose from.

Sitting next to another vego, we realised after ordering that we had gone for the same thing (a meat free, fish free option). Great minds hey ;)

While we had a natter and listened to a little jazz, played by some funky hipsters, we order a couple of cocktails. I had a sneaky sip of pretty much all of them and can say that all were right up my street. Sweet, smooth and of course….pretty. These guys definitely know cocktails, and did I mention they’re $7???? Oh right, I did?

We’re given a herb focaccia plate with some olives, ricotta and olive oil. This bread is still warm. Nothing makes me happier than warm bread and the herbs in this bread is a gorgeous awakening to the taste buds.


The entrée arrived, marinated zucchini, goats curd, confit tomato and zucchini flower, and it was pretty as a picture. Gorgeously smooth goats cheese that coats the tongue with its strong flavour, but wrapped in the delicately light zucchini. The zucchini flowers are wonderfully crisp and the batter melts in the mouth. A pretty good start to a lovely Sunday afternoon.


Our mains arrive and with what feels like a metre long plate, we are excited to see that the veggie option is very generous and stunning all in one. I think it’s hard to make gnocchi look pretty however these guys do it perfectly. The little pillows are soft and cheesy, and the meatiness of the shimeji is balanced by the sweet leeks and creamy ricotta. It’s really a pretty dish but with the backbone that a vegetarian dish needs.


To share, there are some sides of potatoes (fries and roast), broccoli, carrots, Yorkshire puddings. The veggies are really well cooked and al dente, and the Yorkies are the size of your head! Having a Scottish husband, I definitely appreciated the mammoth size of these and also the earth shattering crispiness.

IMG_5429   IMG_5430
IMG_5431   IMG_5432

Having problems choosing between three fabulous sounding desserts, me and a couple of the other ladies decide we shall get one of each and then share. I do love a foodie outing ;)

The chocolate tasting plate, baked lemon tart with thyme ice cream, and honeycomb parfait with sesame tuille were our poisons, and when they arrived, our biggest decision was where to start! First world problems, I know!!

The chocolate tasting plate consisted of a mocha brûlée, chocolate ganache and a white chocolate mousse. All of the components on the dish were tasty, but combined  they were all really rich so this one is definitely one to share.



My favourite of the three, the White chocolate and honeycomb parfait – and before you ask, yes, that’s a mega chunk of honeycomb glistening on top – was a lusciously sweet (yet not tooth achingly so) lump of frozen goodness and that sesame tuille was so moreish, I wanted eight of them!

The salted caramel blob on the side tasted nice, however was really grainy and crystallised. Such a shame as the flavour was nice.



Who doesn’t love a good tart right? This one was no exception. Gorgeous pastry with a slight wobble of the custard. However the thyme ice-cream wasn’t for me. It was too strong and I didn’t think it actually went with the tart. Good in theory, but the execution wasn’t one I was a fan of. A simple vanilla would have been good I think.


Heading home I was suitably stuffed and excited to show Stud all the photos.

I’ll definitely be back for the arvo cocktails and the awesome setting. I’m actually planning another visit with a few friends :) Maybe we can go to The Club afterwards……for old times sake of course ;)


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