Masterchef Live 2012 with Queen, and an interview

November 5, 2012

You all know about Queen Finefoods right? Remember my Margarita Sorbet? My Salted Caramel Gelato? Or maybe my Strawberry Balsamic Gelato?

Well thanks to those posts, I was lucky enough to be invited to Masterchef Live a couple of weeks back to join in on one of the Queen Finefoods workshops.

I have to admit, Im pretty well versed in the essence section of Queen, and also their Vanilla Bean paste (amazeballs!) but I hadn’t actually used any of their other products.

The workshop with Queen was to showcase the cake decorating range and included their writing pens (Glitter of course, a way to my heart), cachous (which I had no idea how to pronounce properly before that day) and the icing flowers.

I would have never actually picked any of these up to buy them. Maybe the cachous, but probably not. So it was a great way for people like me, and the kids of course, to try them out and get a feel for how they would work at home.

We were taught how to pipe teardrops, flowers and hearts with the writing gel and I actually found them really easy to use. I did have trouble with it sticking to my bikkie (we use Marie biscuits as canvas) but once down, seemed to work ok. The only trouble was the drying as its not super quick, which would be fine for someone with time but when I was putting it back in my to-go box, made my heart sink a little with the smoodging.

We also had a quick course in piping and the use of cachous and the flowers.

I may or may not have eaten too much icing in this class. Note to self: always eat breakfast prior to doing a cupcake course.

After seeing how cute the flowers looked on the green background, I would definitely buy them! Perfect for a garden cake or just to add a little cuteness.

I was also lucky enough to have a quick catch up with Julia Taylor, Runner-Up in this years Masterchef Season 4, who has been getting in as much experience as possible before upcoming apprenticeship with Adriano Zumbo.

When asked her favourite flavour at the moment, she explained anything that pushes the salty/sweet boundaries so something like a burnt caramel or white chocolate. Im with you Jules! YUM!

And for all you Masterchef hopefuls out there, Julia’s best tip is to practise as much as you can before you apply and then go in with a few basic memorised recipes so you can think easily on the fly and adapt where you need to. Once you have the basics, the sky is the limit.

To keep more up to date with Julia where abouts, you can follow her on Twitter.

I bought a few other little goodies this year but you will have to wait for the posts to find out what ;)

The jury is still out with me and Masterchef Live. I think it was a lot less packed this year than last and a little better laid out, but the Good Food and Wine Show still holds my heart….

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