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October 3, 2012

We buy a lot of jam at home. Not because we go through it quickly, but because when it comes to jam, Stud very much resembles Goldilocks.

This one is too runny.

This one is too lumpy.

I don’t like the bits in this one.

Etc, etc…..

So when we find a jam that’s just right, we hold on to it!

Meanwhile with all the leftover jam in our house, its hard to know what to do with them. Well no more!

This dessert is one of those mutton dressed as lamb dishes…..In the difficulty department anyway.

It by no means lack flavour, imagination or impressiveness.

Using your Queen at Home Gelato Mix, you simply use your leftover jams ;) and some balsamic vinegar, and you can come up with a strawberry (raspberry, blackberry…….you get the picture) and balsamic swirl gelato within half an hour. Perfect timing as the weather is heating up :D woot!

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If you’re there on Friday, stop past and say hi to ME too :D

Strawberry and balsamic gelato


1 packet Strawberry Queen Make at Home Gelato
650ml full cream milk
Left over jars of jam (any flavour will do)
Balsamic vinegar


Pour jams in to a small milk pan and place on low heat until combined and thinner in texture.

Add 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar and stir until combined.

At this point you should taste the mixture to see how “balsamicy” it is. You need to add just a little too much vinegar as it will mellow out a lot when you mix it with the gelato.

Add more vinegar is necessary.

Prepare Queen Make at Home mix as per packet instructions.

Add gelato mix to your ice-cream make and churn until ready.

Place gelato in a freezable container and dot jam on top. Using a knife, swirl jam mixture through gelato.

Freeze until serving.

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