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September 26, 2012

A little while back, Stud and I were invited to try the new Dumplings and Wine menu at New Shanghai in Chatswood Chase. We came away bursting at the seams and one of us may have been a little tipsy. I’m saying no more!

So when I was asked to attend a get together at New Shanghai’s original, but newly refurbished restaurant in Ashfield I was well up for it, and ate extremely low calorie food during the day to prep myself.

Let. Me. Tell. You! I’m glad I did!

We’re brought out a selection of traditional cold dishes to try. Drunken chicken (chicken soaked in Chinese wine with herb & spice), New Shanghai salted duck, Shanghai style deep-fried fish soaked in herb, spice & dark soy sauce, Shredded spicy chicken, Garlic cucumber, Sliced jellyfish mixed with cucumber, Shredded kelp mixed with spice and vinegar dressing, Pork terrine, Pigs ear, Chicken, Duck and tofu.




The terrine was my favourite of the platter, along with the garlic cucumber (that I may or may not have hogged). Both packed with flavour and while one was rich and oily on the tongue, the other refreshed it with a kick.


Up next, the chicken and cashew nut. I was obsessed with this dish a few years ago while working in the burbs. The local Chinese restaurant did it really well and I would have it almost every day for lunch. I really enjoyed New Shanghai’s version, wonderfully tender.

The fried noodles were traditionally awesome as we’re the spring rolls. I’m such a sucker for spring rolls and these didnt dissapoint.


The deep fried prawn coated with salted duck yolk was an unusual dish. I’m still unsure about it to be honest. You definitely got the yolk but it was more of a powdery consistency and reminded me of hard boiled yolk. I’m still undecided but leaning more towards a no with this one.

Duck pancakes!!!!! Always a crowd pleaser, the uber-crispiness of the skin of these little babies were delicious! I did find that the pancake rounds were very thin thought and broke quite easily. Double bagging fixed that though. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!


Pan fried pork buns are another on my amazeballs list. The crispy bottom with the soft doughy top – NOM! The pork cooked twice was wonderfully tender and sweet.

As a chilli lightweight, I didn’t try this dish but from what other chilli fanatics said, it was mouth burning goodness.

Deep fried dough wrapped in dough. Yeah, you heard me!


What to do when one is so stuffed that they can feel their eyes start to glaze over? Eat rice! The Combination Fried Rice was delicious and a New Shanghai take on the norm. Very moreish ;) I did have a couple of the bok choy with mushroom as I can pass up the squeaky deliciousness. A very subtle soy flavour didn’t mask the bok choy freshness which was great.


The vegetarian dumplings had a nice flavour but were a little dry for my liking.


The pork belly was something that we’d been told to hang out for. It was fall apart tender with the gelatinous fat that only comes from a perfect slow cook. Gorgeously sticky sweet and fatty all in one delicious mouthful.

I actually didn’t eat the duck egg coated calamari as I was still trying to work out if I liked the duck egg coated prawns.


Choosing our own desserts, we went for the deep fried ice-cream, red bean pancake, and sweet white fungus and papaya.

Remembering back to my childhood, I would always order deep fried ice-cream. How is it not the most awesome sounding dessert ever?!?!

New Shanghai’s was a little cakier than I have previous had and not actually as crispy on top but strangely enough, was crispy on the bottom. Good with the bad…

Eating the fungus at the fungus at the Chatswood restaurant, I did have a little more. Some of my fellow diners weren’t as adventurous. Lets be honest, it doesn’t sound the best. If you do go thought, give it a shot. You’ll be pleasantly surprised :)


Quite a few people at the table weren’t a fan of the red bean. I had never had it before and wanted to give it a shot. I’m glad I did. Its not as sweet as a normal dessert and the deep frying brings a wonderful savoury flavour which I loved. I’d order this again for sure!

All in all, the food was plentiful and really tasty. There’s some dishes I would order again and some that I wouldn’t but I’m well up for the challenge of trying the whole menu each time I go back ;)

We were also in a private room at the back and I immediately thought it would be a great place for a family get together or catching up with a group of friends.

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