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August 18, 2012

A few months back I went on a girl’s weekend to Melbourne.

If I was to live anywhere else in Australia, it would be Melbourne. I absolutely adore it. It has never let me down. Be it shopping, food or festivals, Melbourne does it all, and does it damn well!

This weekend was no different. We spent obscene reasonably large amounts of money shopping (most of mine were sales so I didn’t feel so bad ;)), ate like we had starved ourselves for the trip, and caught up with some awesome Melbourne peeps.

The stand out for me, for the entire long weekend of eating, was breakfast. I know right? Who even counts brekkie really? It’s just sustenance to fuel us for more shopping! But on our very first day in Melbourne, we headed to Cumulus Inc. on Flinders Lane, and I have been talking about it ever since. Quite possibly, the best breakfast I have eaten out (closely followed by Bill’s).

Firstly the space.  Heavy glass entrance doors, random wall art, splashes of colour. It’s Melbourne at its best! Simple, understated, chic! An open plan kitchen and with a seat at the bar, we get a great view of the goings on with all the chefs.

A coffee is in order!

I grab a latte and Debs orders a cap. They arrive pretty quickly and I must say (and Stud, block your ears), it’s the best coffee I have ever had. I’m not really a coffee connoisseur. I really only started drinking it when Kev was getting his coffee wings and needed a guinea pig. But this coffee was unlike any other I had tried. So smooth and almost un-coffee-like if that’s possible?

I actually phoned Cumulus the next day to ask what brand of coffee they use. Single Origin Blend #7! So when we’re done with the butt load of Lavazza we have at home, I’m ordering!

So while we sipped our amazeballs coffee, we pondered the menu. My eye was immediately drawn to the Shakshouka – bakes eggs with roast peppers & marinated Persian feta. If there’s a way to my heart, it’s through a runny yolk.

Eww that sounded way better in my head. You get my drift though.

Shortly after, I was greeted with the beauty in front of me.

My shakshouka was delicious! Crispy oily bread for dunking, perfectly runny eggs, seasoned wonderfully. Soft pillowy spurts of feta and that gorgeous red sauce. It was breakfast perfection in its finest form.

I was literally on a breakfast high after this meal and I didn’t feel heavy at all like your normally do after a fry up.

I’m not going to lie to you fine folk and pretend this entire post isn’t about the deliciousness that was the shakshouka. Its quite possibly the highlight for my Melbourne trip and should be a must on your foodie list.

Since returning home, I picked up the Cumulus Inc cookbook and am going to make it at home. There’s also some other great recipes in there (duh) including one for homemade black pudding. Now, if I could only find some pigs blood…..

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