Sticky Sweet Bacon Pull-Apart Bread

July 18, 2012

My grandmother used Pyrex. My mum uses Pyrex. I use Pyrex.

I was in desperate need of new Pyrex actually. Not that my old stuff had worn out, it was still going strong – but you know how it is with these damn food bloggers, they use a lot of stuff. At once. And wash up last. It gets annoying.

By some random twist of fate, the fabulous ladies at Impact sent me a measuring jug, and an Easy Grab loaf pan. My mum picked it up from the post office for me. She was jealous. Just saying.

Brainstorming recipes to use my spanking new toys, I thought back to a bread recipe I’d seen on Pinterest – A cheesy pull-apart bread. Of course, I wanted to put a spin on it.

I was a little reluctant to use the glass as a bread tin but Pyrex is pretty sturdy so I thought I would give it a shot anyway. Plus Stud wasn’t home so if it did go pear-shaped, he wouldn’t be around to see the evidence and we would sweep this one under the rug. Not literally of course, that would be very sharp and start to smell pretty soon.

The house smelt amazing, the dish worked perfectly, the bread was pull apart deliciousness, and really, does bacon need any bogging up? I think not!

Sticky Sweet Bacon Pull-Apart Bread


Basic pizza dough
500g rindless bacon
5 tbs golden syrup (you could use Maple, I just had excess Golden so went with it)
Butter for greasing


Preheat oven to 200°.

Dice bacon and place in a non-stick cold pan on a high heat.

Fry bacon in its own fat until it becomes crisp.

Turn heat down to low, add Golden Syrup and stir until all the bacon is coated and sauce has thickened.

Grease loaf pan with lots of butter. You can never have too much butter.

Divide dough in to 10 sections.

Stretch a piece of dough until you have a rough rectangle shape, the size of your loaf pan. Resting the loaf pan on the short edge (you may need to prop it up with some tea towels), place stretched dough in the pan. Sprinkle some sticky bacon on the flat side of the dough.

Stretch another piece of dough, place on top of the stick-bacon-side-up dough in the pan and repeat until all layers are covered and the pan is full.

Brush with a little more butter ;)

Bake in the oven for around 20 minutes or until golden and bread sounds hollow when tapped.

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