Bill’s – Darlinghurst

March 16, 2012

I had wanted to go to Bill’s for his famous ricotta hotcakes for, well, EVER! So when we stayed in Darlo the night of my hens, a hungover morning was prime time, or so I convinced Debs! Its like foodie fate I tells ya!

A short walk to the café and it’s very much like someone’s house that’s been converted in to a café. They even have the community table with fresh flowers in what looks like it would be the dining room of Bill’s home. I adore this place and we haven’t even got a table yet!

We waited about 15 minutes or so and were seated towards the back at a table for two. As much as I do love the community table, I’m too hungover to be exposed to other humans right now. Stick me in the corner. It’s for the best. There was talk of mimosas on our walk to Bill’s but as soon as we sat down, we knew we were getting a little too excited. “I’ll have a tomato juice and a water please” “Yeah, can I have a latte and a water please?” Lol – big talk ladies, well done.

Sometimes, it really is quite a mind game being a food blogger….I feel like savoury, but what if I have that and someone gets sweet and then I want sweet? Oh, now I want sweet. Oh but the corn fritters look awesome. But I always wanted to try the hotcakes and I can’t leave Bill’s without having them! I bet Bill does amazing scrambles eggs. Ooh I could go some avocado. Hmmmm.

So after having this conversation in my head for what seemed like 20 minutes but in actual fact, was probably around 18 seconds, Debs asked what I was having. I explained my dilemma and like the great friend she is, we ordered everything and went halvies. We also chucked in some ricotta for good measure. Love it!

After a little reminiscing about the night before, chatting about my soon-to-be wedding and perving on everyone else’s food, our food was brought to the table. Although you usually have to wait for a table, the turn around is pretty quick because the kitchen is so on the ball. Love that!

Corn cakes have always been a funny looking thing to me. Bill’s Sweetcorn fritters with roast tomato, spinach and bacon were no different. But the flavour! Oh wow, the flavour! Beautifully sweet corn, lovely fluffy batter and seasoned to perfection. These little babies made me feel a lot more human.

My thought about the Scrambled organic eggs with sourdough proved correct. Have a look at them – perfectly cooked, not too dry, still slightly runny and just set. I heart Bill’s egg’s (teehee).

The sides were great with the fresh avo and perfectly creamy ricotta, a great addition to the corn cakes!

*drumroll* Breakfast dessert time. THE hotcakes. BILL’S hotcakes! Ricotta hotcakes with fresh banana and honeycomb butter. I am getting excited just writing about these babies. Once placed on the table, the butter was at the peak of the hotcake mountain but as these babies were freshly cooked and piping hot, went for a little slide down and I couldn’t get the shot quick enough lol. Oops. The honeycomb butter is nothing short of amazing and a great addition to the light as a cloud hotcake. I need to make these at home. NEED to!

Bill’s is nothing short of amazeballs. Yup, I said it. I need to take Stud next time and also feel the need to test out all Bill’s venues to compare.

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