The Commons – Darlinghurst

March 14, 2012

As a follow on from the awesome tour that was Travelicious, we headed out for dinner and drinks at The Commons in Darlinghurst.

If you didn’t know it was there, you’d probably walk past thinking it was a house party but as you walk through the gates and in to the venue, you are well aware, you’re in a Darlo bar. Wall to wall hipsters, low lighting and cocktails all round, it’s a great funky little place that prides themselves on their drinks.

We headed downstairs to grab a cocktail each. The menu is quite extensive and it’s pretty hard to choose but the bar tenders were lovely and very patient. Being a massive girl, I wanted something sweet to kick off the evening. I actually can’t remember what I ordered (bad food blogger!) but it had orange juice in it so I thought it would be nice. It wasn’t. Well, it wasn’t to my taste anyway. A couple of the other girls ended up finishing it for me.

Unfortunately the garden was closed for the evening so we sat downstairs to finish off our drinks and have a few complimentary spiced nuts. They were awesome but reeeeally spicy. I’d also like to point out that due to the garden being closed, there wasn’t much ventilation downstairs so all of us were sweating up a treat. Not so demure in our nice party dresses. Just sayin’

I went back down to the bar to grab a quick drink before we were seated for dinner and mentioned to the bartender that I didn’t like my first drink and to my surprise, he was really rude about it telling me “Well you should have told me what you wanted rather than ordering on your own”. A fair enough comment but the delivery was awful and he put me in a pretty bad mood. My cousins actually had a similar experience with him. Needless to say, we didn’t go back to him for any more drinks.

Upstairs is somewhat of an attic of the 160 year old heritage building that they have converted in to a private dining area with one long community table (Basement = bar, ground floor = eating/drinking, top floor = private dining). The roof is on a diagonal and gives a real homely feel when you are up there. Albeit slightly hazardous to a 6 foot blonde wearing high heels and slight tipsy.

Our waiter, a lovely French man who’s name escapes me (Sorry :/!!), was very attentive and we quickly ordered wine for the table to go with our set menu.

The menu came out banquet style which is always good although for a hungry food blogger, I did feel slightly bad at eating most of everything. Whatever, it’s my day ;) mwuahahahaha!

So the banquet consisted of a Caprese salad, thinly sliced Prosciutto and sourdough (no photo, soweee).

The buffalo in the Caprese was absolutely delish! Creamy and soft and went amazingly well with the sweet heirloom tomatoes lightly sprinkled with salt. A def winner for me.

The prosciutto was also really delicious. I used to think you couldn’t really go wrong with prosciutto until I bought it pre-packaged from Woollies in a pinch. My how I was wrong! This one though, was fab.

For mains there was mushroom gnocchi or salmon en croute. The table (minus the veggos who had stuffed zucchini flowers) decided to go with half half so we all just kind of dug in, hence the plate images, I wasn’t quick enough lol.

The salmon was a little too cooked for my liking as normally I try and get it medium rare but the dill sauce that accompanied it went perfectly. Such a great marriage, salmon and dill.

With a few Italians at the table, The Commons had a lot to live up to with their gnocchi and they didn’t disappoint. I love mushroom anything and the gnocchi were really well cooked. I also loved the fresh pop when you go a sneaky pea in there too.

Accompanying our mains were grilled veg – I stole all the asparagus :D lol

For dessert we had House-made doughnuts in rosemary sugar and Peach cheeks with baked ricotta, cherries and honeycomb.

I find sometime with rosemary flavoured things that it can get a little potpourri-ish but this was a great balance – wonderfully light and fluffy with a beautiful coating of the sugar.

The honeycomb was the star for me on the peach dish. I literally sat there and picked at the honeycomb until there was none left. On any plate. NOM!

So a fab night was had at the Commons. I’d like to go back and actually try their normal menu perhaps in the garden on night. I’ll be sure to ASK the bartender before ordering just any old thing though ;)

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