SOY Japanese Restaurant – Bondi

January 3, 2012

Its no secret that Stud and I are massive Japanese fans. Of all cuisines, its def our fave :) so fresh, reasonably healthy (depending on what you order of course) and just so damn tasty!! So when we were out in Bondi on the hottest day in summer to date (well, to that date anyway), preparing ourselves for the Sculptures by the Sea, we wanted something filling yet light enough that I wouldn’t get a stitch – I’m prone to stitches post meal, but that’s another story. Anyway, we walked past SOY and thought it looked really cool, had a quick glance at the menu and we were sold.

We arrived at around 12pm and it was pretty dead. Really just a few other diners and us. It looked like we missed the rush though as about 25mins later, the place was buzzing and people were waiting for a table. Bwahahahaha suckaaaaaas!!

The decor is simple yet really funky and I luuuuuurved these light shades. Want!!

We didn’t go too hardcore when ordering (boooo) because we knew 1. it was lunch and 2. I’m prone to stitches. Lol *sigh*

Up first had to be the Pan Fried Pork Gyoza ($12). Pan fried seems to be a rarity these days so def had to order these babies. They were one of the best gyozas we’ve had in a long time! Perfectly crispy and so flavoursome!

Next we ordered the kingfish carpaccio with Japanese plum shizo ($13). The plum shizo gave it such an interesting flavour and the kingfish was uber fresh.

Our favourite sushi roll is salmon avocado so this was next on the hit list ($14). Perfectly fresh and I do love a good inside out roll :)

Normally, we order beef tataki as a starter but when we noticed it on the sushi roll menu – rolled with cucumber, topped with flamed wagyu sliced and special sweet chilli sauce ($15) – we decided to forgo the entree for this and I’m well glad that we did. It was actually a lot spicier than expected but it was really tasty. A def must order!

I’d love to go back to SOY to try out more of the menu and perhaps with a bigger group (more people = more food yo!). The staff were great and the food was fantastic!!

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