High Tea @ Aki’s Indian – Woolloomooloo

December 14, 2011

I do love a girly catch up. I feel like if there are ladies, catching up on the goss and really just life in general, then high tea is in order. But there are only so many times you can do high tea before you are trying the same sandwiches, the same scones and the same petit four. Ok, usually the petit four is the different element depending on where you go, but you get my point! So, what are the girls to do when they want something different, but still dainty? Aki’s!

I had seen a few reviews quite a while back about Aki’s but it was a newsletter from Lime & Tonic that prompted me to get my butt in to gear and actually book it.

Unfortunately, the day we had booked, was actually a miserable day with rain, clouds and umbrellas as far as the eye could see. It’s a shame when you are on your way to Woolloomooloo and it rains, it’s the kind of place that is made stunning by good weather but when it’s raining, looks pretty average.

Nevertheless, we arrived slightly late for our reservation and (as none of us had been there before) actually walked straight passed it lol. Once we got to Steersons i.e. the end of the pier, we realised we had missed something lol. Walking back, its quite tucked away right at the beginning of the wharf. I blame the rain, we weren’t thinking straight ;)

We were seated immediately and given the menu for the high tea. There were a few amendments made and I didn’t actually grab the full name of them but bear with me and I’ll try and explain.

The high tea comes with two drinks and you can choose from alcoholic or non-alcoholic. We all went with the mango lassi. It was delicious! So smooth and creamy with a massive mango punch. I loved it!

It wasn’t long before the high tea with an Indian twist was placed in front of us and we (as you do) talked through our game plan as to how to attack the tiers. We normally do this at each place we go. It’s a very careful decision as make the wrong one, and you could end on something bad and then the meal is left with a meh note.

I’m a fan of those little sandwiches with the crusts cut off but I have to say, Aki’s kills them.

Our first savoury plate consisted of “Prawn 65” (Famous Chennai staple of shrimps dusted I spiced rice flour),

“Kathi Roll” (Shredded chicken tikka in wholemeal roti with spiced onions, coriander, mint and pomegranate dust),

Paneer and vegetable kebab.

Out of this plate, the prawn was definitely a winner. Beautifully spiced with great flavour and wonderfully crisp. The Kathi Roll was also really tasty. I’m such a roti lover, I wished I had had a whole serving of this (patience Nic, patience). The kebab was probably the least impressive dish. It was nice, it just wasn’t very memorable compared to the other two.

The second savoury plate (I do love that there were two savouries instead of two sweets like normally high teas as sometimes, I just crave more sandwiches for the savoury element) had a sandwich (with tomato, cucumber and what seemed to be a coriander paste)

and a lentil curry (a crispy lentil dumpling in a thin curry sauce).

I have taken creative license on both of these as I’m not sure of the actual name :/ but both, although nice, weren’t as great as the first plate. The sandwich was very deceiving and almost blew our heads off. Very spicy paste on what was essentially, a salad “semmich”. The curry was nice although the lentil dimpling was a little grainy for my linking.

On to dessert! A “Caramelised Saffron Infused Basmati Rice Custard”,

Jam Shortbread

and “Chocolate Naan”.

This was the one that we were most excited about (being ladies of course) and I was really intrigues to see how they would put an Indian spin on it. The rice custard was an interesting flavour and the saffron definitely same through although I felt it was a little runnier that I’d expected. The shortbread was really tasty – I think the jam was apricot. The chocolate naan was left until last (going back to the “you want to end on a good note” rule) and I think that unfortunately, because it had sat there a little while, the bread had gone slightly tough. The flavours were all still pretty fab – nutella, strawberries, what’s not to like? It was just a little chewier than I’d have liked.

If you would like to go to Aki’s for high tea, they do it on the first Sunday of every month so make sure you book in! It’s well worth the experience :)

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