Platform 7 – Sydenham

December 8, 2011

Sydenham is a suburb that you don’t necessarily think of when it comes to cafes. Well I don’t anyway. Stud always refers to Sydenham as a train station and nothing else as the only time he has ever been, is to change trains on his way somewhere else. Don’t judge him, he’s not from here ;) but it is actually really close to our home so when the lovely people at Food Morning offered us a breakfast deal at Platform 7, who are we to knock it back?

We arrived just after 10:00am and as the inside of the café was full, sat outside. It’s not a large place, probably about four tables inside seating a total of around 10 people and then three small tables outside. The one thing I would say is that being Sydenham, the flight path is right above you so it does get quite loud. Surprisingly, the train station wasn’t a bother with noise and neither was the street traffic, just mostly the planes. So it’s probably best to sit inside if you can.

We ordered two of their most popular dishes, scrambled eggs with fetta and spinach on sourdough and a side of haloumi and chorizo.

We were immediately brought out our coffee – weak skim cap for Stud and I had a skim latte – along with some freshly squeezed Californian orange juice. Both were quite nice although I was told later n that the latte should have been served in a larger glass, I got the cappuccino cup accidentally. It was probably for the best as I’d have been bouncing off the wall all morning and wouldn’t get in my regular nanna nap ;)

We had been waiting a little while when we overheard the table near us complaining that they didn’t get their food and it had been quite a long time. They were told it wouldn’t be longer than another 10 minutes which made us look at our watch. We had been waiting for about 35 minutes for our breakfast. They were quite busy for such a small café and I’m not sure if something went wrong in the kitchen or not?

When our breakfast arrived, they had given us one scrambled eggs and one P7 breakfast. I let the waitress know and the owner came out to confirm. It seems there was a misunderstanding with the ordering and I could see how it might have happened. Stud took the P7 and I ended up with the scrambled eggs.

My toast was mammoth! Probably came to a total of four slices of toast but I love that. I’m a sucker for some thickly cut toast. This was definitely man-size! The scrambled eggs were cooked well although I did add a little haloumi for a touch more saltiness as the fetta lacked it a little. The chorizo was also really nice and went well with everything.

Stud’s P7 looked pretty awesome but I think, once you have your mind set on something and then receive something else, it can be a little disappointing so he didn’t finish all of it. To be fair, it was a massive serving. I helped a little with the mushrooms ;)

The value for money in the deal is great. We were so stuffed that we couldn’t even fit in a couple more coffees. I literally rolled myself out of there. Stud was a little more sensible ;)

Platform 7 is a cute little café that’s in a really handy location for anyone on their way to or from the station and also who lives in the area. It’s worth a trip out but I would definitely sit inside for the noise factor. Great people watching café too.

Dining with a Stud ate at Platform 7 as guests of Food Morning

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