Compromise pizzas

November 30, 2011

By now you all know how to make pizza. And if you don’t, then you should.

These pizzas are the outcome of me wanting to do girly dainty pizzas with fresh figs and some brie, and Stud getting excited for some manly pizzas (namely Mexicana). We settled in the middle and used leftover scotch fillet from the night before with the brie and some calamari we had taken out to eat that night (before I came up with the genius pizza idea).

Pretty easy to assemble – I even went to the hassle free length of buying Leggos pizza sauce. I may or may not have been hungover.


Pizza dough (enough for two pizzas)
Pizza sauce
Pre-cooked steak
One wheel of Brie
Tomato chutney


Preheat oven to 220° with pizza stone heating from cold (it can crack if you place a cold stone in a hot oven, so best to heat it up from scratch).

Divide dough in two and stretch/roll each ball in to large circle – if you use a dinner plate as a guide, its roughly that size.

Smear pizza sauce on base and top the first pizza with calamari and feta, then the other with the sliced steak, sliced brie and dollops of tomato chutney.

Carefully remove stones from the oven, place each pizza on a stone and bake until toppings have melted or are cooked. I found about 10-15 minutes (fan forced) was good for me.



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