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November 29, 2011

I have been harassing Stud about going to Brasserie Bread for breakfast ever since I did their Sourdough course. The café smelt amazing and every dish that went past while I was waiting, looked perfect!

We headed over Sunday at around 11am and it was already pretty packed although we only waited a few minutes for a table. Just enough time to point out the brownies to Stud and for him to surprisingly agree on taking a couple home with us. What? Really??

After looking at the menu and trying to decide between savoury and sweet, we finally decided to get two savoury dishes that we were both eyeing off and just go halvies. The Poached Eggs with Smoked Trout and Parsley and Feta on Toast ($12), and Crispy Bacon and Poached Egg with Avocado and Tomato on Wholemeal Toast ($12). Stud ordered a skinny weak cap with two sugars while I went all out and ordered an iced chocolate.

Service was really quick and we had our drinks with in minute and our food soon after that.

I didn’t have any of Stud’s coffee but he actually said that it was the best coffee he has had in a very long time (there was a comment that shortly followed “minus the ones I make at home of course”….of course my sweet). Pretty big call for a coffee drinker.

My iced chocolate arrived in all its glory and I couldn’t help but look at it with childlike eyes. Topped with whipped cream, chocolate powder and a few chocolate chips for good measure, it was chocolatey and rich and definitely hit the spot.

Our eggs were perfectly cooked and as soon as the plates hit the table, we took hold of our trusty knife and burst the yolk, watching it ooze over our toast. I mean really, is there any better site at breakfast???

I ended up with the bacon dish and loved that it was true to form and very crispy. I had a bite of Stud’s and thought that the feta and trout was an amazing combo and quite salty which is a total plus for me. After giving Stud a bite of mine, we both agreed that the halvies was cancelled and we were keeping our own dish. This is a regular occurrence with us lol.

I did have semi food envy of the woman sitting not too far from us. She had ordered the signature sourdough pancakes which were what I was eyeing off. They were so thick that they looked like doughnuts from the side!! Next time pancakes, you’re mine!

We picked up our fave loaves (Sourdough, Sough Cherry and a Quinoa & Soya) along with those important brownies and on the drive home, agreed that it will definitely be a regular occurrence for us. Especially on those hangover days ;)

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