Medusa Greek Taverna – Sydney

August 19, 2011

In my last job, I worked directly opposite Medusa and had always wanted to go. In my new job, I work on the same street and in order to get the gym, it taunts me every day as I walk past. Finally, it was time to visit! YAY! That time, was Rai’s birthday.

Because there was a big group of us (about 25), we went with the banquet menu. It can get too messy otherwise with 100 different orders and I have found that usually, the banquet menu gives you the best of everything anyway so was pretty pumped for this.

So as the food came out, I screamed at everyone in my vicinity not to touch it until I had taken a photos lol. Sorry to all my friends but yes, this is how it is, from now on, forever :) And apologies to all the readers for the quality of the pics but the DSLR doesn’t fit nicely in to a clutch and when I know there will be drinks and dancing afterwards, I don’t want to risk my blondeness coming through because I’ll probably lose it :/

Our first lot of dishes were the dips. I am a taramasalata whore! I love the stuff and find it good for snacks, dinner, dips, to rub myself on at night, wait, too far, let’s just stop at dips. Needless to say, it was this dip that won my heart. It was ah-may-zing! But I expect nothing less from a Greek restaurant. It also came with Tzatziki, olives and some pita. The pita was also really great – just cooked and beautifully warm with a squeeze of lemon juice.

Next up was the haloumi. I also have a bit of a love affair with haloumi. This haloumi was fried perfectly with a little oregano and olive oil. It gave a great flavour with just the right amount of squeak was perfect!

The spanakopita was nie. A little oily but perfect dipped in the tarama ;)

The octopus was perfectly cooked although I felt it could have done with a little more seasoning. I dipped mine in tarama so I was fine ;) lol

Along with the squid, came the Greek salad. Both were really nice although I was struggling to find belly room after all the pita and tarama – and we still hadn’t even got mains. Peaked too soon…..TOO SOON!

Traditionally with the set menu, you receive a choice between five of their dishes but being the banquet, we were brought out a mousaka and traditional slow bakes lamb. Now the door that connects my mouth to my tummy was pretty much closed but for research purposes ;) I had a very small serving of mousaka and a mouthful of lamb. The mousaka was really nice – a possibly a little too much béchamel for me although when I mentioned that so my fellow diners, they said that’s what they loved about it so perhaps it was just me? The lamb was melt in the mouth and flavoured well. I wish I could have had more to give a better description but after asking a few other people, they really loved it so it must have been a success.

Now I mentioned the tummy door, it can always reopen temporarily for dessert. I’m not sure how it does it but it’s like there’s a separate bit in there for anything sweet. I also thing it knew there was baklava coming. When it arrived at the table, I was pretty damn excited. I love the beautiful layers of filo and the sticky sweetness that the Greeks bring to their baklava. This one unfortunately didn’t live up. It was nice, and I ate most of it but there weren’t really layers, more a top and a bottom and WAY too much filling. The flavours were nice, but most at the table weren’t impressed.

I have to say, the value for money with the banquet is definitely worth a go although the drinks are pretty expensive if you are a wine lover. I’d def go back to try the a la carte menu.

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