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August 10, 2011

I’ve been sick. Stomach bug sick. I hear you all shout a collective boo towards my sickness. On the weekend where I had my wedding hair and makeup trial, we had dinner at L’etoile for our 6 year anniversary, a lunch at Riverside Café and then a bank holiday on Monday, I got sick. But I’m not one to back down from a meal. Especially when the good people at Food Morning were sending Stud and I for a three course lunch to review one of their upcoming deals, so after some hardcore morning napping after being up all night, I got dressed, ready to brave the world, and Stud and I headed out to Chatswood for a nice meal.

Blink and you will miss this place as it’s tucked away in a little turn off on Delhi Road and it actually reminds me of an RSL bistro with an outdoor courtyard. Seeing as it was a beautiful day outside, we opted to sit in the courtyard and sat right by the water. It’s actually quite a pretty view and the passing traffic isn’t an issue at all (which I thought it might be). We had quite a few kookaburras to look at and were slightly un-nerved when the Year 9 jazz band were setting up right next to where we were seated.

The waitress came over to take our order and set up our table and seemed slightly flustered but was very helpful and courteous to us both. The deal comprised of garlic bread and a garden salad to share, two mains – I had the chicken breast with creamy mushroom sauce and Stud went with the Steak with Diane sauce – and two desserts – we had chocolate mousse and crème brulee. We also ordered a coffee and hot chocolate to have with our meal.

We were brought out garlic bread and salad quite quickly (even before the drinks) and ok, I know its only garlic bread and a salad, but they were both actually really nice. Very fresh and the bread was crispy and delicious.

Our drinks arrived and again, impressed! We actually went later that day to a café over at Neutral Bay and the coffee paled in comparison to the one Stud had here. My hot chocolate was also really nice – not too hot either ;)

About half an hour in and we were actually enjoying the jazz music. They were a three piece band, quite obviously at school, and their whole families (mums, dads, aunties, siblings, the works, bless them haha) took up a lot of the tables surrounding them. No singing, just music, it was a nice background to a beautifully sunny day.

The mains arrived and looked great. I expected a very heavy, stodgy meal not unlike that of an RSL club circa 1990 but they were very inviting and tasted just as great. Stud’s meat was cooked how he had asked (medium/rare) and my chicken was perfect with the sauce. The veggies has a great bit to them and although words were exchanged pre-meal “I’m not going to eat too much of it, it’s a lot for lunch” “Yeah me too, I’m still not feeling great and don’t want to push it”, we both finished our plates lol.

After our plates were cleared, the waiter brought us over the dessert menu. We let him know we had already ordered our dessert when we got there so the kitchen should already have it. He nodded and headed off, or so we thought, to fetch our dessert. About 25 minutes had passed and we had no dessert. I gave it until 35 minutes and then went inside to ask what was happening as it had been quite a while. They said they would investigate. Another 10 minutes later and our desserts arrived. To their credit, the chocolate mousse was really good! Beautifully light and VERY chocolatey. The crème brulee was nice with the brulee top however when you went further in and just had the custard on its own, it was a little eggy. I still devoured it though lol.

We had a nice day at Riverside although I think that 45 minutes for dessert did spoil it a little. The head waitress did give us our drinks on the house for the trouble though which I thought was really nice as some places don’t even acknowledge it.

DiningwithaStud ate as guests of FoodMorning

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