Hun Kee Chinese and Thai Restaurant – Riverwood

June 2, 2011

In an effort to try all the restaurants in our area, Stud and I headed out for a couple of bottles of wine and a stroll around the neighbourhood looking for somewhere to eat. We walked past a couple of places that we had been to already but wanted to try something different so ended up at Hun Kee.

The décor was what you would expect from an old school Chinese restaurant in the burbs. A little run down but not messy at all. Just not up to date or “trendy”. In my opinion, this usually means good food as the trendier ones have a tendency to let that get in the way.

We sat at our table and the waitress brought us over the menus. One laminated version of a takeaway menu and the other, a big folder filled with food porn! Stud and I were immediately excited to look through and get something we wouldn’t normally order.

Instead of getting an entrée to share followed by two plates and rice to share as we normally would, we ordered three mains as a banquet and thought it was genius. Our eyes may have been too big for our bellies on that one.

Our waitress brought us out some “crab crackers” which she assured us were better than prawn crackers. At first bite, they were a little unusual. Where prawn crackers don’t have much of a prawn taste, crab crackers are very crabby. Stud was a massive fan! I wasn’t as sure but after a few, I got use to the flavour and quite enjoyed them.

The first dish to arrive at our table was the Bakes Scallops with Chilli and Garlic. I couldn’t wait to get these little babies in to my mouth and let me tell you, I wasn’t disappointed. These were the highlight of our night. Packed with flavour, crispy on the outside and perfectly cooked in the middle.

Next up was the crispy skinned duck which arrived with more crackers resting on top – like opening a present :) a crispy, juicy present lol! Slight confession here – love duck (especially the skin) but after seeing the calories in one plate of duck on The Biggest Loser, I couldn’t bring myself to devour it like I normally would. In saying that, the pieces I did have were cooked perfectly.

Finally we had the Beef with Gai Lan. This one was my pick. Stud wasn’t a massive fan and said it didn’t have much flavour but I think anything next to those scallops was going to fall short. In my opinion, the beef was really nice. Very tender with a subtle flavour and the vegetables were perfect.

Once we were done, it took us a while to get anyone’s attention to get our bill which was a shame as it was great up until then. Don’t get me wrong, its not a deal breaker, just annoying.

Id say we would be back here but definitely want to try all the others before we make that call.

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