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April 10, 2011

Rach and I had organised a girly catch up dinner and typically, it was the day it rained. We met promptly after work and made a quick trip to Priceline (when it wasn’t raining). Rach has just started dance classes (Rock & Roll 50’s! Awesome!) and had left her umbrella there the night before. Luckily! It wasn’t even raining when she bought it but we had been walking no more than 5 minutes when it started to sprinkle. We were heading over to Greenhouse. It has been on our “list” since it popped up and we were excited to finally make it over there to try it out.

Walking in the rain with the two of us and one umbrella wasn’t easy. We had both done our hair that morning – so the ladies reading this post will sympathise.

As per the online instructions, we walked down George Street towards the Rocks. It basically said to walk to the end so we were trying to make good as Greenhouse doesn’t take bookings. The further we walked, we realised we were going the wrong way so decided to stop and assess. In a random act of fate, we could see the leafy walls in the distance between some buildings. Imagine if we had have stopped a metre to the left or right? We’d still be walking around (well maybe not but really!)!

So I am sure all of you out there that have been, are screaming at your computer asking how we could miss it. It was dodgy directions!!!

Both of us at ease, we starting heading in the correct direction however as soon as we got closer, there seemed to e a rope sectioning it off with a sign on it – (Yup!) “Closed for private function”. Not happy Jan!!! Annoyed, wet and aching feet we had to reassess our options. We could go to the Overseas Passenger Terminal however everything is pretty pricey and we hadn’t prepared for that, we could head to a pub in the Rocks but it was St Patrick’s Day and heaving with drunken rowdiness, or we could head back towards the Quay and keep walking in the rain until we found something. Then it hit me – Pony! Pony is another one on my list. Yay! Screw you Greenhouse lol.

We rocked up just before 6:00pm and the kitchen staff were working away but no wait staff were to be seen, I asked one of the chefs who let me know that they were in a pre-dinner briefing and wouldn’t be long. Sure enough, a couple of minutes later, we were seated to our table without a booking. Score!

Trying to be reasonably healthy, I opted for no entrée and no dessert. It was a weeknight after all. Rach did the same although we did discuss a cheeky after dinner trip to the patisserie across the way if we were up for it lol.

We ordered a little share plate of olives to start us off and they were pretty fab. You know you are at dinner with a good friend when you can pick seeds from your mouth very uncouth like and place them on the plate between you haha love it!

For mains Rach ordered the Mirrool Creek lamb rump, spinach and fetta parcel, truss tomatoes and I went with the Spinach and potato gnocchi, Woodside goats curd, kalamata olives, pinenuts (trying again to be slightly healthy) and it wasn’t long at all before they were delivered to our table.

The wait staff were great and always made sure we were ok and happy with everything but not obtrusive at all. Very lovely!

Both mains looked delicious! Mine was smaller than expected but once I reminded myself that it was gnocchi and pretty filling, I was ok. Perfectly seasoned little pillows of gnocchi and the goat’s crud with the olives really balanced it out and lifted the dish. I am also a mega sucker for pine nuts so overall it was a winner for me.

The lamb looked amazing! Perfectly cooked, tender and juicy. The spinach parcel was also delish. Both of us are pastry fans so it was bound to be good.

Oh and anyone ordering the gnocchi, I would highly suggest pairing it with the 2009 Tamar Ridge Pinot Gris Tamar Valley, TAS. It went perfectly!

I also got a sneaky look at Damian Heads too while we were walking in and had a little bit of a celebrity moment come over me. Chefs are totally celebrities to me. I wonder if I would feel the same if it was someone from Hollywood? Or a Logie winner at best ;)

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