Imperial Peking Restaurant – Blakehurst

January 8, 2011

With my new found love for yum cha, we had organised a lunch with a few friends to try out a place not far from home right in time for Christmas.

We arrived promptly at 11am and most of our party were already there so we sat and got down to business. I would highly suggest not sitting in a high traffic area as at one point both Stud and I had a person on either side of us trying to put food on our table. Do you know how hard it is to eat when you are swamped by two small women with scissors and dumplings?? These waiters/waitresses seemed to have no concept of personal space. That’s all I’ll say. The food however, was pretty damn good. We attempted to pace ourselves but lets be honest, if we want to pace ourselves, don’t put me in the high traffic area people! I will take anything that’s offered to me.

 (Dodgy pic – apologies)

There were a few things that I probably wouldn’t recommend. The bean curd for example can be great if its used with the right sauces however this one seemed very dry and bland so was a no go for us. The rice noodles also seemed to be lacking slightly in flavour and although looked really tasty, it was just a facade. Shame, shame.

Things that did make our list were the prawn toasts. Little morsels of crustaceany goodness!

I was really disappointed when they didn’t have any hot dogs and although I saw a few mirages, they turned out to be custard buns so I asked for my dessert feeling slightly unsatisfied.

For dessert we ordered mango pancakes, mango sago, sago pudding and some coconut jelly. The look of horror from some faces on the table as I ordered the jelly is still visible to me but whatever, I love coconut and knew matching it with anything mango would be a winner. Case in point, dumping my coconut jelly into my mango sago. Ahhh yum!

The mango pancakes were lacking slightly so I ate the cream and left the rest. I’m not sure if I was too full due to the mammoth meal or if I actually didn’t like it. There’s always a line and when I cross it (every time) it all gets a little hazy.

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