Sydney Night Noodle Markets

November 5, 2010

People come from far and wide to visit the night noodle markets in October and I was lucky enough to just scrape through on the last night. Naturally because it was the last night, it was pretty packed. We had thought ourselves lucky when we arrived and it wasn’t too bad but we still couldn’t find a seat. Luckily we hijacked a couple of chairs from a friend of a friend and sat there until the rest of our party arrived and then migrated to a nice grassy corner with a great view of the dragon show.

When you go to the noodle markets you really need to devise a plan of attack before you even think of getting up to move. As it was still reasonable early (5:20ish), we got our priorities in check and headed straight for the bar, then a little look around for some appetiser dumplings until our friends arrived. After much deliberation (SO many choices!!!), we settled on steamed pork dumplings and pancakes from New Shanghai.
Although it seemed to be mayhem, they’ve worked out a pretty good system – not unlike that of the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld – order and pay, two steps to the right, collect and run away with your goodies. The dumplings were being made right in front of us which was really awesome to watch as each one was perfectly crafted and placed down ready for cooking. They were delicious! The pancakes went really well and although could have done with a little more sauce (slightly dry), were packed with flavour.

We ended up at the East Ocean stall for our main and went with the dinner pack to share between the two of us. $30 for a plate of mixed dim sim, sang choi bao and deep fried calamari.
The squid was really salty and crispy and every now and then you would bit into a big chilli hit which was great as your next bite would sooth it. The mixed plate consisted of prawn dumpling, spinach dumpling, pork sui mai, BBQ pork bun, Shanghai style steamed pork dumpling, pan fried pork dumpling and a custard tart for dessert. All were pretty damn tasty and totally food that is perfect for eating on the grass. We went halves in everything on the plate. We’re all friends here haha.

I had to head off early as Stud had a surprise for me (turned out to be tickets to see Pat Benetar and The Bangles – awesome!!! Best bf ever!) so I missed out on the other desserts but will just have to head to all the restaurants to try them ;) if only they listed all the stalls at the markets and where they were located. Its so hard to remember them all!

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