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October 14, 2010

Ahhhh school holidays. The time when the trains are invaded by screaming teens, the city is rife with groups of children visiting the big smoke and parents everywhere are screaming to their children “Don’t touch that! Get over here!”. The plus side to this time for me is that two friends of mine teach kindergarten and therefore are off work for a bludgy two weeks so we decided to meet for lunch to take advantage of the Crave food festival and also just for a good chit chat.

After scouring the SIFF website for what seemed like hours, we decided to go to Coast for their Scallop Ravioli with a braised leek and sorrel cream.

When we arrived we were seated and given the regular menu. We asked the waitress about the SIFF menu and she said “oh its ravioli”. Not wanting to order the incorrect thing, we asked what kind to which she replied “pasta” (hmmmm!). Again, we asked what kind and elaborated to what filling??? She said she would check but she was pretty sure it was lamb. Feeling slightly ripped off after expecting scallops, we waited patiently for our waitress to come back and confirm it was in fact the scallop ravioli. Thank you food Gods!

We ordered the sparkling to go with our meal which was really nice and very refreshing on a warm day. Conversation was flowing freely (and probably too loudly) until our plate was put in front of us. Then we were silenced by a delicious looking meal placed in front of us. The ravioli was perfectly cooked and tasted divine. Our only criticism was that it wasn’t big enough although that’s just us being greedy as we all devoured it immediately.

We ordered a rocket salad as a side and as we weren’t completely stuffed after our pasta and salad, we decided dessert would be a great idea and were persuaded in to ordering the strawberry frangipani tart with chocolate gelato.

The gelato was freshly made and absolutely amazing! The tart was fresh and crumbly and definitely worth trying if you are at Coast.

Not bad for $50 each ;)

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