Afternoon Tea @ Sofitel Wentworth

October 14, 2010

Catching up with the girls can be hard these days, especially when one has a four month old and the other has copious amounts of uni work to finish. Never the less, we had organised to do a get together High Tea (well Afternoon Tea as its called at the Wentworth) on the public holiday so that baby sitters and a free assignment pass could be obtained.

We had made a booking for three and weren’t meant to meet out the front of the hotel at 2pm. I was running a little late as usual and when I sent a text to let them know, the girls relayed the hotel message that as it was a public holiday and not too many bookings were made, we were being seated in the lobby so they would sit and I would meet them there. Hmmmm the lobby?

I arrived at around 2:20 and as Stud dropped me off, the girls waved at me through the front window of the hotel. The “lobby” was actually more of a side bar so it wasn’t as bad as I had thought. It was quite nice actually. The only downside was the people walking past or guests waiting out the front for taxis. Everyone kept peering in and checking out our food so I felt a little like the animals at Pets Paradise.

Anyway, on to the food – our bottom plate (aka course one), was Chicken, Preserved Lemon and Almond Sandwich, Smoked Tasmanian Salmon, Rocket and Fried Caper on Brioche, Goat’s Cheese and Mushroom Profiteroles and Aged Brie, Cranberry and Cucumber on Mini Baguette. The Profiterole was probably my favourite, followed closely by the Salmon.

Second course was of course scones; no high tea is complete without them. One each of plain and raisin (when I say raisin, I mean that each of us had one raisin in each scone haha) accompanied by fresh double cream and strawberry jam.

Dessert was what we had all been waiting for and we tackled it like anyone should, start with the one you are least excited about and save the best for last. That said, it was a hard decision as they all looked really great but we settled on the Chocolate Éclair filled with Belgium chocolate mousse, glazed with dark chocolate, purely because its pretty stock standard. The pastry was really well done and the mousse inside was velvety smooth. Next we had the Raspberry Opera Slice (Chocolate pastry with layers of almond biscuit, raspberry ganache, soaked with framboise liqueur, garnished with fresh raspberries) and although it looked divine on the plate, I feel like the raspberry was completely lost by the chocolate pastry and not much berry flavour was left. The Peach Meringue Tart followed and I thought it might have been way too sweet with the meringue covering the peach but it was balanced well and really delicious – I might give it a go at home. Having had quite a few macarons in our time, we weren’t sure whether to play the safe card and save it until last as we knew it would be good so we settled on cutting it in half, having half now and saving it just in case. As macarons go, it ticked all the boxes but to be honest we weren’t wowed by it.

The Wentworth Cheese Cake was wonderfully light – so light, it just tasted like cheesecake flavoured air. Dangerous for those watching their weight. Oh if only air tasted like cheesecake, I would a lot thinner! So we were glad we saved it til last as it finished off the meal on a not too heavy note.

All in all, although we weren’t in the dining room, and got semi-harassed by an elderly gentleman at the bar whilst paying, it was a great girlie afternoon. Probably wouldn’t suggest doing it on a public holiday though.

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