Inaka Japanese Restaurant – Peakhurst

October 13, 2010

Having recently moved away from the North Shore of Sydney (a plethora of culinary delights), Stud and I are still finding our feet in terms of what good restaurants are about and although we were previously spoilt for choice with Japanese cuisine (our favourite), it’s been few and far between of late so when we found Inaka, a five minute drive away, we were pretty excited to give it a go.

Stepping back into the 80’s where restaurants stuffed your napkin in the wine glass for presentation; I am ashamed to say that we didn’t have high hopes for this one. We really were spoilt on the North shore. The place did have some charm though and the waitresses we SO attentive and really lovely.

What we were longing for most was some good sashimi. A gamble seeing as our hopes were deflated but we were brave and ordered an entree size to share along with sushi and beef tataki (all entree sizes). We were really pleasantly surprised with the freshness and quality of the fish. Sometimes tuna can be quite a tricky one and ends up with a grainy texture but this one was silky smooth.
For our mains we ordered BBQ Pork and a Garlic Chicken. The BBQ Pork came out on the hot plate and I’m not exactly sure what we were expecting but that wasn’t it. In saying that though, it was really tasty.

The Garlic Chicken was pretty stock standard and a little oilier than I had hoped for but all the flavours were definitely there.

Suitably stuffed we didn’t order any dessert although I did think about the green tea ice-cream. Next time maybe 😉

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