GPO Cheese and Wine Room

October 5, 2010

Bless me father for I have sinned, I have committed the cardinal sin of any food blogger…….
Off to a girly dinner of cheese and wine, it was around 11am whilst performing a completely unrelated task at work that it struck me, no camera. Wait, what? No camera? But you are going out to dinner! I thought to myself, scalding myself in my head and probably looking quite blankly at my computer. Hopefully no one picked up on this as it might have scared my co-workers. Trying to think of ways to combat this catastrophe without A, costing too much money and B, still coming up with great quality pics. Nothing. So I apologise in advance for the quality of the pics as they were taken on my iPhone and we all know how the iPhone performs in low lit areas.
Now on to my post – we arrived a little early to the Cheese and Wine Room in GPO but the lovely staff were more than happy to accommodate, and seated us promptly to our table out the back. What seemed to be a small corridor with tables of two lining it was bricked with sandstone mounds yet still warm and homely and would be a great first date or romantic evening venue as its got a nice atmosphere but isn’t noisy so you can have a proper conversation.
After umming and ahhing over the menu, we decided to go with the Springtime Flight Menu which gave us three cheeses, crackers to go with and a wine to match each cheese. To go along with our cheeses, we also ordered Muscatels, Glace Pear, Caramelised Onion Jam and a Pastilla Nash Prune & Walnut Log.
The waitress brought us out our tasting notes which gave us a little background on each cheese and its wine

and then placed our wines down in order – white (Sauvignon Blanc), Rose then a red (Pinot Noir) along with our cheeses and accompaniments.
After finishing off our little cheese picnic, we still felt slightly hungry and knew dessert was the only thing that would fill the gap. We decided to get two desserts and go halvies – the pear and chocolate tart with vanilla bean ice cream and the white chocolate pannacotta with raspberry. Both presented beautifully and tasted amazing!!
I will def go back to the Cheese and Wine Room again and will take Stud with me for a nice romantic evening. I will also remember to grab some take away’s from the shop on the way out this time ;) oh, AND bring the camera!!!

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