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October 5, 2010

Stud has had an iPhone pretty much since they came out. I loathed them at first, telling him only yuppies and geeks used them in a bid to up their street cred and talk about all the geeky apps they can purchase to add pages to their phone.
It wasn’t until a boring weekday lunch when a friend and I went in to the Apple store as she was thinking of purchasing on of the little beasts. Try as I may, she had her mind made up and although slightly ashamed, we started playing around with them. It was like fat struck me in the face as the particular device I chose to have a fiddle with was filled with applications on food. Hang on a minute…..there are food apps??? How did I not know about this? Well this changes everything! As we left the store my friend was determined to get one, it was just a case of when. I was still very sceptical but decided to do a little research on the matter and find out the types of apps you can buy. Long story short, my iPhone and I have now been together a little over a year and it’s a match made in foodie heaven.
I thought I would share a little about the apps I have obtained – I would say purchased but all of mine have been free – and you can make your own mind up about Apple. Please keep in mind that there are thousands of apps out there and it’s sometime quite hard to find good ones that are free. You can absolutely pay for them if you wish however I feel that it’s probably noting new from what I have on my shelf at home anyway. For example, both Nigella and Jamie have apps, at $9.95 a pop when you can download their book online for free. You be the judge.
I have noted next to each app the country of origin so be sure to adjust measurements and temperatures accordingly.

Big Oven (USA)
Big Oven has over 170,000 recipes and covers pretty much everything. It has a Grocery List, Leftover Wizard for turning last night’s meal in to something equally delicious, My Favourites and more. Definitely worth downloading, if only for inspiration.
Woman’s Day Cooking Assistant (USA)
Every couple of days this app is filled with new ways to inspire. “6 main dishes with mango”, “10 terrific lunches for work”, “10 manly meals for fathers say”, the list goes on. It’s a great app for people who are not necessarily confident in their cooking ability as it has tips, tricks and plenty of recipes.
Allrecipes (Aus & NZ)
Plenty in the house but no idea what to cook? You can use the Spinner tool to play food roulette to decide. The Spinner is broken up in to three sections, Dish Type, Ingredients and Ready In. Just as an example, I landed on Budget, Lamb, 30minutes or less and it came up with 6 matches – all equally delish! If you know what you want but can’t choose a meal, you can lock the wheels in to place and let it search for what you need. A fun and easy way to take the guess work out of dinner.
Epicurious (USA)
Probably my favourite app so far. Ok, ok it might be because it gave me the adults only snickers tart but there’s definitely some great food in here. The food search is broken down by Main ingredient, Meal, Cuisine, Dietary consideration, Dish type and Season/Occasion so you can pretty much get any dish for any event you choose. Most recipe have an image to go with it however some of them don’t which I would say is its only down fall.
Easy Recipes (USA)
A short and sweet app. Only 27 recipes in total however each one has a short video tutorial for those who need a little more assistance. Very basic recipes, probably best for the family short on time.
My Greek Recipes (USA)
I love Greek food so was really excited to see an app dedicated to it. Not massively filled with recipe (probably about 50 or so in total) but when it’s limited to one cuisine, its understandable. Plus….its GREEK 
Spark Recipes (USA)
An app for the health conscious, this one in filled with healthy recipes and their nutritional values for those counting the calories.
The Betty Crocker Cookbook (USA)
An American icon could not be ignored so Betty was added to my collection. If you happen to be from America, this app takes on a whole other use as it also has coupons for selected grocery stores. The recipes are a plenty and surprisingly, although an iconic American brand, very varied in terms of the types of cuisine listed. I really should use this one more. Hmmmm NY’s Recipe Resolution first. One thing at a time.
Kimchi (Japan)
A favourite of Stud so I went looking for a Japanese app that had it included. Low and behold it has its very own app. I made the Kimchi not long ago and didn’t actually try it as it was WAY too spicy for me but Dad adored it and wants the recipe to make it himself. Note to self, do not rub eyes after making…..OUCH!
Saf Recipe Box (UK)
UK Restaurant Saf are world renowned for their raw and vegan foods and this app shows you how to recreate their dishes. A lot of pasta and very fresh dishes. Great for vegans, veggies or even those watching their weight for summer 😉
Wholefoods Market Recipes (USA)
An avid watcher of Top Chef USA, I was well aware of Wholefoods and the quality of their produce. This app gives you great ways to use any basic ingredient you like, and make it spectacular!
Diet Recipes (USA)
From the makers of “Easy Recipes” this short and sweet app has 24 low fat video tutorials for even the most amateur cook. Downloaded when I wasn’t having a skinny day and used when I have eaten too much cake over the weekend.
Pizza Maniac (USA)
Similarly set out like a blog, this app is a Pizza Maniac’s journey experimenting new toppings, bases and methods.
Poh’s Kitchen (Aus)
Slightly ashamed at having downloaded this app as I was not Team Poh during Masterchef, I got it more out of curiosity I think. This app is filled with recipes from Poh’s ABC Show and gives videos of how both she and Andre Ursini prepare them.
Latin Recipe Shaker (USA)
Packed with flavour, these Latin recipes range from easy to challenging and are a great addition to anyone’s cookbook.
Vegan Recipes (USA)
I have dabbled in vegan cooking once before with a beetroot curry a vegan friend had shared with me and found it to be a refreshing change to a heavy meat dish. Stud however, called it a “side dish” so I am determined to broaden his vegan horizons and I think this app might just help me do it!
Chocolate lite (USA)
There is a full version of this app that you can pay for but for a quick chocolate fix, the five recipes on this version was enough for me. The only reason I have kept this app if for the Rocky Road Bites recipe.
Love Food Hate Waste (UK)
A great one for those conscious about the environment, and their wallet. LFHW is a Scottish app that tells you exactly how many grams of food you will need, tailored to your serves. There’s also a blender tool to thro in your leftovers and come out with a new meal to use them all. Great for families who get sick of eating the same thing a few nights in a row.
Shake Smoothie (USA)
I love a good smoothie and this app is full of them. Case closed!
Cooks Illustrated (USA)
American home cooking techniques are showcased in this taster app which, if you’re a member online, gives you an endless library (at a price of course). But the recipes you get for free will suffice for now.

I am always on the lookout for more cooking apps so will do my best to keep you updated on anything worth mentioning 🙂

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