Subterranean Grill – GPO Sydney

August 30, 2010

Upon entering GPO we are searching for signs to point us in the right direction of our reservation. Nothing. A fairly new addition to the family, Subterranean Grill is tucked away in the far corner of the underground that is GPO and a little hard to find but once you walk in, you are punched in the face with the fresh smell of garlic. In my opinion, there is no greater smell to be greeted with.

More like an eat-in fast food place rather than a restaurant as you need to order and pay for both drinks and wine up at the counter. You are then given a beepy thing (as I like to call them) to summon you back to the counter to get your food.
Eight food loving ladies and a menu of Greek food was a match made in heaven, trying to decide on which to order was a whole other story. We were the only ones in the place at this point (6:00pm reservation minus some latecomers…..ahem!) so weren’t too worried about taking our time to make the right decision.
We decided to get two of the mixed platters and then an array of “Greek delicacies” as they were named on the menu, to share. The issue I had was that the three things I was dying to eat – dolmades, fried eggplant and moussaka – weren’t available. There were no more dolmades or eggplant and the béchamel wasn’t quite ready yet for the moussaka.
We explained our situation (eight hungry females) and he let us know he would accommodate to make sure we were all fed appropriately and also said if we were good we would get dessert. A man after all our hearts.
Service was actually reasonably quick and we were all excited to see that we were given a little bit extra of everything so that no one missed out.
The meaty skewers were fab and many commented on the succulency of the chicken while I stuck to the lamb which was lovely and tender.

The prawn skewers were also tasty but then I tried the prawns in the Saganaki dish and was converted to those instead. Packed with flavour, lovely and juicy.

A plate of wedges with mayo were our little treat which came with a tomato aioli. Delish mayo and I will definitely be trying to recreate it. I think I doused everything in it!

Haloumi – Oh my! We don’t mess around with cheese. We give it the props it deserved and this one was beautiful! Topped with a fresh tomato salsa, went well with everything and there was almost a fight for the last one.

The dips were a little hit and miss for me. Tzatziki was fab. Taramasolata, lovely although I didn’t have too much. I think I was too enthralled in the haloumi. It’s all a big blur now. Melitzanosalata (greek babaganoush, or eggplant dip) was a good substitute for the lack of eggplant on our Greek evening. Tirokafteri, which is a mixture of Yoghurt, Feta, Garlic, Chilli and Herbs, was a little runny and I couldn’t really get past the texture.

When you are given pita bread, you need to chunk something on there not drip it! And finally the Fava (hommous) was ok but a little bland next to the other dips. I did also notice that the pita bread that they gave us to accompany the dips was very oily which was a little off putting. I’m not getting all diet junky on you (hello, look at the rest of what we ate) but you don’t really want to pick up the oily bread and then dunk it. It might just be me, but I wasn’t a fan. Perhaps the chefs cooked all of the oily food on the grill then put the bread straight on and it picked it up from there but one of the other girls suggested they doused the bread in oil and then fried it.
The spanakopita was another hit. Not oily at all which you can get at some places. Crispiness filled with pillowness. You can’t beat it!

Although tasty, I kind of felt the pastitsio was a little dry and maybe could have done with a bit more flavour. Don’t get me wrong, I devoured a good couple of pieces but along with the rest of the menu, it seemed to lack a little.

Oh yeah there was a salad which I’m told was nice but I didn’t eat it….. probably the haloumi again.
After we were all suitably stuffed and our table was cleared, we were all sitting there wishing we had worn stretchier pants when the waiter brought us over our complimentary dessert, a plate full of mini gelato.

In the interest of blogging, I thought it best to try each of them and was so impressed with the white chocolate one that I had two, in turn leaving me so stuffed I didn’t get a green one. I am told it was mint and was very delicious so at least they didn’t go to waste.

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  1. Sara on September 9, 2010 at 5:00 pm

    I have to say the raspberry gelato was delicious also! I had two of those 😀 What’s next on our culinary agenda???

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