Operation Recipe Cull

August 3, 2010

Not only do I have a cookbook fetish, I am also slightly addicted (ok slightly might be an understatement – I LOVE LOVE LOVE them and cant wait until the beginning of the month when I can get more MoRe MORE!!!) to recipe magazines. I had taken over majority of our old bookcase with magazine holders galore and needless to say Stud was getting a little over it. Commence “Operation Recipe Cull” (ORC)!!

ORC began about a year ago and entails me going through every magazine I own, slicing out the ones I will actually use (or just look really tasty) and putting them all in A4 binders. I have grouped all of them by type (entree, veggie, pasta/pizza, beef, chicken, you get my drift) and have reduced my obsession to only 4 folders. I started with one folder so I guess this is another bookcase take-over but at the moment, its manageable.

I would highly suggest to anyone that doing it this way is the go. It saves a lot of shelf space and there’s something so therapeutic about going through and removing things that I wont use, and keeping only those that I will. It made me feel good to know that I kept last years resolution and am continuing with it monthly.

Every time I come across one that makes my mouth water with delight, I will make it and post for you to view and maybe try yourself if you like.

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