Taylor waterproof meat thermometer

July 29, 2010

My birthday was a few weeks back and (among other wonderful things) stud got me a Taylor meat thermometer as recommended by a die-hard-BBQer friend of ours. Geez my man knows me well!

A small little barbeque for the two of us mid week was our first chance to use it.

Nothing fancy at this stage. No BBQ ribs, roast chicken or melt in the mouth meat. Just a few steaks and sausages to get our “thermometer sea legs” if you will.

I had printed out a temperature grid for a different types of meat to make it easier for stud to know when to stop and off he went.

The thermometer was easy to use, very accurate, and great for someone (stud) who usually slices things open – thus destroying that initial gasping moment of slicing in to a surprisingly perfectly cooked slab of meat – to check if they’re done.

Will report back once we have used it for more in depth things.

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